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Air fryer energy efficiency and uses

The cost of living has risen so investing in energy-saving devices like air fryers has become popular, but is an air fryer energy efficient? Looking at energy consumption for ovens and air fryers we can discern certain differences. 

Along with energy saving, other benefits come with using an air fryer. If you’ve already made the switch and tried it out, you will discover the many perks of using an air fryer. The kitchen is one of the most active rooms in the house and as such it uses up larger amounts of energy. 

Is an air fryer energy efficient?

Now more than ever, people search for energy-saving techniques and methods, especially in the kitchen. This means limiting the use of cooking devices that eat up huge amounts of electricity. Ovens are among these devices that consume great amounts of electricity. 

An oven would take up anywhere from 2000 to 2400 watts while a hob uses between 1000 and 2000 watts. All these metrics reference how much is used per hour. Now how does an air fryer compare? An air fryer energy consumption ranges between 1000 and 1700 watts per hour. 

We can compare multiple cooking devices to the recently popular air fryer. We can discern that a hob is on a similar energy level to the air fryer. While one does not replace the other, they can complement each other very well. 

What even is energy efficiency? 

Energy efficiency quite simply means using less energy to achieve the same result. In an environment where prices were raised right before a season and more energy will need to be consumed, energy efficiency gets confusing. You could be using less energy, but it might not reflect in your bill. 

Energy efficiency is more discernable when prices don’t vary so much. Because pf this, any kind of reduced energy usage will count as a win in this regard. Through this lens, an air fryer is more energy efficient than an oven, and it can replace an oven. 

Ordinarily, energy efficiency just means how much energy is saved overall, without its relation to the cost. In this case, however, and for many households, the energy bill is the exact measure of energy efficiency. 

How advantageous is it to use an air fryer?

One of the most highly praised advantages of using an air fryer is its fast cooking time. Many of the meals that you will attempt to cook with it will have to get adjustments to cooking time. 

Although the same speed was praised with microwave devices, cooking a meal with a microwave doesn’t offer the greatest results. An air fryer can make great meals, depending on what functionalities the device has. For the majority, oven usage can be replaced almost in its entirety with an air fryer. 

You can use an air fryer to make a large assortment of meals. Some of these devices can be used as an oven, a pressure cooker, a slow cooker, a fruit or veggie dehydrator, and even a yoghurt maker. 

What disadvantages are there to air fryers?

An air fryer isn’t a 100% replacement for the oven in many people’s perspective, because of its size. You can bake or cook with an air fryer, the same things you would in an oven, but at a smaller scale. 

Not every air fryer has the same versatility and so not all will present the same range of options. More budget-friendly air fryers could only have baking functionalities, which is enough to make meals and sweets. 

The one thing that is not really plausible to cook with many air fryers is soup, or anything to boil. So no boiled eggs in the air fryer for the time being. It may not be a perfect replacement for a hob or an oven. But it sure does a great job of preparing meats and veggies, baking, and even stir fries. 

What can you make with an air fryer?

Not only is an air fryer energy efficient for many users, but it also comes with a range of things you can make with it. The growing interest in air fryers also brought on interest in air fryer recipe ideas. 

Meats like beef made with the pressure cooker are great. Some recipes even suggest using honey glaze for some meat-based recipes to great results. The best thing about using an air fryer for such dishes is the reduced mess that remains contained in the basket. 

There are a few that claim to have made rice with an air fryer. But again going back to the difficulty it has with boiled meals, it doesn’t work out for every device. Stir fry vegetables and chicken that accompany rice, however, is great for the air fryer. 

On a similar note, stews are perfect to make with an air fryer, especially on a slower cooking time. Regardless of preference, there is any number of recipes for anyone interested in starting to use an air fryer. 

In conclusion

If you’ve planned on getting an air fryer then you probably have something in mind you want to try making. Most people have begun to seriously consider investing in this device for its energy-saving capacity. But in return, it also brings easy meal preparation in a busy schedule. 

You can very easily set it up and not have to worry too much about it, depending on what meal you’ll be making. Air fryer energy consumption was the first thing that got the most praise, and now its uses come to complement it. 

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