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Christmas Spirit

How to get in the Christmas spirit

Christmas Spirit is that uncontained happiness we feel around the winter holiday and it never compares to when we were children. But we still want to catch that happiness even as adults so we try to get into that Christmas Spirit. 

But how can we actually get in the Christmas Spirit? A few things can work to start feeling the happy Christmas vibes.

Decorate more than the tree 

The Christmas tree is the staple for many of us celebrating this holiday. But it’s not the only thing you can decorate. Place a wreath on your door, grab some tinsel and hang it in the window in waves.

If you have a staircase with a bannister, decorate the bannister. You don’t even have to go all out and buy everything. Go out in the park and see if you can find some pine branches fallen on the ground. Ok, this will work if you have pine trees in your area. But natural decorations look more festive sometimes. 

Bake a Christmas treat

Baking can be another way to get into the Christmas Spirit, especially with a spiced sweet treat. Minced pies are usually the way to go and that nicely scented filling will make for a nice way to get into the spirit of Christmas. 

Some sweets are more suitable for Christmas than others but it’s up to your preference. Caramel, raisins and even citrus-spiced baked goods all work well for the festive season and fill the home with pleasant scents. Better yet bake a Yule log

Light-scented candles 

Speaking of festive scents, one of the easiest ways to start spreading the Christmas Spirit in your home is to light some scented candles. Pine and eucalyptus are some of the favourites for the season, but citrus and cinnamon are also great choices. 

Wax melts and diffusers are also ways to spread a nice scent for the Christmas Spirit to fill your home. 

Make Eggnog (or other drinks)

Eggnog is a very popular drink for Christmas. Drinking it and even making it is a way to start the Christmas Spirit. Raw eggs might not be the best ingredients for everyone but there are replacements. 

If eggnog is not a preferred drink, mulled wine is another option. Spices and alcohol top up the perfect eggnog and once again set the mood for the festivities. 

Consume Chritsmas media for Chritsmas Spirit

I usually read a Christmas carol every year around the festive season. Movies like Home Alone usually play on cable TV every year making it a tradition at this point, but streaming services also boost such movies. 

Music, books and movies with Christmas themes are bound to at least set a festive mood. Some people like to rewatch their favourite show or series, that isn’t necessarily Christmas-themed. You might want to rewatch the Lord of the Rings back to back as I usually do each year. Everyone has their preference. 

In conclusion

Decorating the Christmas tree is just one way to celebrate. Make the most out of your free time to relax and get into the Christmas Spirit. 

Some wine or eggnog drinking while watching a movie or reading a book is a nice way to have a relaxing holiday. 

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