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Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations you can make yourself

Christmas decorations are not only store-bought and some of my most cherished ones are those I made myself. Decorating your tree of home is one way to get into the Christmas spirit but so is making your own decorations. 

Here are a few ideas to start with and use in your home or tree. Some of these decorations are even biodegradable which you can discard at the end of the season. It can be a cute tradition to make new ones each year, especially with young children. 

Citrus garland

Oranges and lemons are a staple of the Christmas season, for baking specifically. But the citrusy smell that fills your home is easily achieved with some dried citrus slices. 

Drying them by air will take some time, but you can use an oven on low heat to speed up the process. I most strongly encourage using an oven or electric drier as it will both make it easier/faster but also the slices won’t have time to make mold.

Pasta star

A little glue from a hot glue gun, about 6 or 7 penne pasta and a gold spray can. This is all you need to make this cute decoration. Glue them in the middle to get the star, spray it generously on one side, leave it to dry, the spray it on the other side. 

You’ll need to glue a ribbon so that you can hang it in the tree or wherever you want in your home. One such decoration might not be enough so go off and make more. 

Cypress springs and berries

Green and red are the colours of Christmas. A cute way to bring these colours in your Christmas decorations is to use natural green branches and red berries. Cypress is the most common decoration for some greenery in Christmas and it even has a lemony scent. 

Either make it into a wreath or garland and place it somewhere to bring out the Christmas spirit. Red berries you could find in some holy bush or other such natural decorations. Sometimes holy does not have berries around the winter season and the spikes can be a little painful. 

Gypsum Christmas decorations

You can literally make your Christmas decorations from gypsum. Some gypsum powder, cookie cutter shaped, toothpick for the hole, ribbons and some acrylic paints are all you need. 

I did not sacrifice my cookie cutters so I just made round shapes and painted green branches with berries on them. Of course, if you make a star shape you don’t have to paint it. 

Bonus easy Christmas decorations ideas 

Use candy cane to decorate the tree or your Christmas table. Place a few on a wreath or even decorate gifts.  

Pine cones are everywhere if you live anywhere with evergreen trees. Grab a few, paint them gold or white and decorate your mantle. 

Paper garlands are easy to make with some glue and coloured paper and then you can use it on the tree. 

In conclusion 

Go have fun with making your own Christmas decorations this year. It’s quite a fun way to make use of household items and get into the spirit of Christmas. 

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