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Hardest dog to groom

Grooming is something all dogs need but some breeds demand more attention than others and the hardest dog to groom could be your favourite. Knowing which dog breeds require extensive grooming before committing to getting one is important.

Grooming is something that can be expensive in the long run, but it can also affect a dog’s health. Excessively hairy dogs that don’t get grooming can suffer many issues with hair matting and pain. Thus be aware of your dog’s needs and make sure you are able to meet them. 

Afghan hound 

The Afghan hound has a luxurious thick coat that grows in long fine locks and is a difficult dog to groom. Many owners wish to have their Afghan hound with this long coat. Because of this, it will mean the coat gets dirty easily and needs more frequent bathing. To maintain an Afghan’s coat clean, free of matting and conditioned you might need some help. 

It is suggested to brush their coat every day. Washing their coat regularly is also important as it does tend to easily get dirty as you need to be thorough. Bathing is something that should be done weekly, but if that is not possible then regular brushing is a must. 


Poodles are another difficult dog to groom because of how their coats grow and continue to grow. Poodles are known to have hair as opposed to fur that other dog breeds display. Usually, poodles are touted as hypoallergenic because of this type of coat. When it comes to grooming a poodle, many challenges occur. 

For one they don’t shed, so their coat can become quite tangled and here trimming comes into play. If they don’t get trimmed regularly the coat becomes very matted. Short and curly coats are the way to go with poodles. To achieve this you need the right kind of trimmer as it is a very thick coat and professional help is sometimes best. 


A Pekingese with a full-grown coat looks more like a fuzz ball than a dog. This is a clear indicator of a hard dog to groom. They do require a lot of brushing to keep the coat from matting. Pekingese dogs have a double coat which makes them very fluffy but it’s also why they are so hard to groom. 

The coat is the first thing that comes to mind with grooming this breed but it’s not the only thing. The muzzle and face are also other sides of grooming a Pekingese and their wrinkles need extra attention. A soft damp cloth is usually the best tool to clean your ​​Pekingese’s face. There are also pet-friendly wet wipes that also come in very handy here.

Bichon Frise

A Bichon Frise is sometimes seen as the textbook example of a difficult dog to groom. Bathing a Bichon is something that has to be done once a week, or at least once every three weeks. Their double coat needs attention and trimming to achieve that puffball aesthetic. 

Just trying to achieve that perfect bichon shape is hard and a professional groomer is your best bet. Apart from this, a Bichon needs to be kept clean and with the double coat, it can be hard. 


Matted hair is a problem for any dog breed and it causes many skin issues. Proper grooming is thus important regardless, but there are some breeds that will have a more extensive grooming process. 

Sometimes grooming comes with a few other tweaks, like selecting the right product for the job. Not every dog shampoo will work for every dog, and the number of brushes and trimming tools can get overwhelming. Keep grooming in mind when you decide on getting a new dog as it is an important part of caring for them. 

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