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Best pet hair remover tools and devices

Having a pet will most likely mean having fur around the house and to deal with this issue you’ll need some form of pet hair remover tools. Luckily, there are quite a few tools that tackled this hairy situation and can help you keep a cleaner home.

So if you’ve been wondering how to remove or at least minimize the amount of fur your pet sheds, look no further. Granted, some fur will still end up on clothes or other surfaces but there are solutions for those too. 

Pet hair remover – what to look out for?

When you start this task you need to know what you are dealing with first, namely your pet’s hair type, size or other features. 

Fur type

Single coats don’t shed as much as double coats and you can find out which type of fur your pet has. Find this out so that you can make an assessment about what pet hair remover will work better for you. 

Size of your pet

A small cat versus a large dog will not shed the same amount of fur. This will also indicate what pet-removing product will work better. But also a small pet might get fur in more difficult-to-reach places so a lint roller might not work.

Other considerations

Certain devices come with specific features to deal with pet hair, and it might be a good idea to check them out. A vacuum with enough power to draw in pet hair is one such device as well as a washing machine that takes out pet hair. 

Where to start your pet hair remover task?

It’s a no-brainer that you should pick up as much pet hair as you can when it falls from your pet. But is there a way to prevent it from shedding in the first place? 

Well, kinda but not entirely. You can limit the amount of fair that ends up on the floor or couch. 

Shedding periods

Most dogs with fur tend to shed and some even have periods when they shed even more than usual. Double-coated dogs shed seasonally, which means you have more fur to deal with as they shed profusely in spring and fall. 

To make this period more manageable you can give your dog a bath and brush their fur after. It can be as easy as that. You get a jump on the shedding period and collect as much fur as you can before it sheds. 

Use a furminator tool or a brush that you know works well for your pet. 


You can get a good amount of their fur off before it can become an issue in the house. It will depend on how much time you are willing to spend brushing out the dog’s coat. It also depends on how much the dog wants to put up with it. 

Hair on your clothes

You got ready to go out and your pet decides to give you a cuddle leaving a bunch of hairs on your clothes. You won’t have time to change and brushing off the hair doesn’t do much. 

A lint roller is your best friend in this scenario. Grab one with a few rolls to spare and keep it close at hand. 


You’re not limited to just clothes if you wish you can wipe your couch as well or any other surface. 

Stubborn hairs

You might find that some hairs will be harder to get rid of especially if they had time to really get stuck in certain fabrics. 


A lint shaver can be the tool that does the trick in this case. Fur gets stuck in your dog’s harness, on their bed, on the couch and in so many other spots. This little nifty tool is quite useful for exactly this. 

A good vacuum

Now, we know that sometimes even after all the effort some hair will still end up in some corner of your home. Mix all that with some dust and you have a new form of dust bunnies. It’s easy to pick them up by hand if you want but they tend to fly away easily so you need to be through. 

An excellent way to deal with this will be to vacuum regularly. For that, you might need a good device that makes cleaning easier. One of the best hoover vacuum in the UK is still a Henry Hoover. 

In conclusion

Pet hair remover tools and tricks are adaptable and pretty abundant. It’s a common issue that people deal with and many of us still struggle with it. 

For those pet owners that have a pet which either doesn’t shed or has no fur, to begin with, we can’t say we don’t envy the hair-free space you have. But, nonetheless, we also know you have other responsibilities as well. 

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