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Best essential dog training tools

Starting to train your dog will require some dog training tools to aid in the process and encourage your dog’s good behaviour. Regardless if you’ve never trained a dog before, the right tools can make a difference in achieving results. 

You will need a few necessary tools from the start while others you will discover on the go. It’s important to have at least some dog training tools before jumping into training, which should happen pretty much immediately. With a plan in mind and your tools, you can begin the process of training your dog. 

High-value treats

One of the most important dog training tools to have at your disposal is food. Of course, food, or treats are not specifically a “tool” in the ordinary sense but it’s the motivator for training. Dogs are usually food motivated and you can use high-value treats to positively reinforce certain behaviours while training. 


Some of the best treats are ones that smell very strong and get the dog’s attention to the training. Good-value treats are a little bit moist but also have a crunch to them to make them more enjoyable. It’s also a good idea to have smaller-sized treats or soft enough to break them into small pieces. 

A treat bag 

Of course, you will need a bag to hold all those treats for your dog. Thus the combination of high-value treats and a bag make great dog training tools. A nice portable treat bag makes it easier to grab reward after reward when you begin every training session. 


Ideally, you would need a treat bag that you can also carry outside, as training does not end at the door. There are options to choose from, with a drawstring that safely encloses the treat. You could also benefit from a bag that you can attach to yourself or a backpack. 

A training clicker 

This is something that can be optional, not everyone uses a training clicker and that’s fine. But if you are thinking of getting one, it will prove very useful, and establish a training mindset. It’s a small device that makes a clicking sound when you push the button. 


You make a click sound when you see the dog following a command. The clicking sound is quickly followed by a treat to reward and enforce the behaviour. Using a clicker makes it very easy to signal to your dog when they’re doing something right. Words of encouragement are great but the click is very distinguishable. 

Double ended leash 

Teaching your dog to walk on a leash is another important factor of the considered training. It may not sound too complicated as you just have to walk, but some issues can arise. The most common issue is excessive pulling, which makes the entire journey unenjoyable. 


Some techniques out there suggest going back and forth, constantly switching the direction whenever your dog starts pulling. This doesn’t always work and here is where a double-ended leash can be very efficient. You will need a harness for this to work as one end is attached to the back and another to the front of the harness. Your dog won’t be able to pull any longer as the front end of the leash pulls them down. 

In conclusion 

A few items are necessary to get when starting out basic training. Some dog training tools can be optional while others can prove a godsend for some consistent issues. However you go about it, training is a difficult process and requires above all, tons of patience, consistency and repetition. Make sure to have some kind of plan as to what you wish to train your dog to do. 

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