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What a puppy needs in the beginning?

A puppy is a big responsibility and some tools will come to help you with many of the things your puppy needs, especially in the beginning. You will find that there are a number of items you will need for your puppy. 

Ideally, you would need to have these items ready before you bring your pup home. It’s important that you have everything at home before your pup arrives so that you can make a comfortable welcoming environment. Many of these tools can help owners as well, as it makes certain aspects of caring for a young puppy easier. 

Food bowls

A puppy needs to have a place to eat from, so a pair of bowls are one of the first things you should have. A pair of bowls is required so that both food and water can be placed for the puppy. 


It may not seem like it, but a food bowl can also be a tool for training your puppy. It establishes the eating area, and you can use feeding time for a little bit of training like teaching them the sit command. A pair of bowls with a silicone rubber bottom or placed on a rubber pad make it easier to clean and reduce messiness. 

Doggy bed

Your new puppy needs a bed of their own, and there are a few choices to pick from. A comfy soft bed is often a favourite with many dogs, especially puppies. Make sure to get a bed that fits your dog’s size. Make sure to account for the size your dog will have when fully grown. 


A washable puppy bed would be a good criterion to choose from so as to be able to clean it. It’s also advisable to have a bed that is resistant to chewing as a puppy will have chewing urges. Try to get them accustomed to their bed by placing chewing toys. In their bed and even regular toys. 

Puppy crate

In combination with a bed, a puppy needs a crate to get this sentiment of having their own den. The crate is one tool that helps accommodate a puppy within a home. It can help a puppy calm down and take in its surrounding and feel safe. It also establishes the place where it can turn to sleep. 


Some owners even decorate their puppy’s crate with different toys to make it even more welcoming. A crate is also the best place to leave the puppy overnight for a time in the beginning. You could have a small puppy that will grow into a larger dog, and for them, there are crates that can expand. 


Of course, you will need a leash for when you will begin regular walking with your puppy. One of the most popular leashes is retractable ones, especially for smaller dogs, or puppies. It can help let your dog explore the world from the safety of the leash. 



Some dogs pull on the leash while walking and can injure themselves, particularly if the leash is tied to a collar. A harness moves that pressure to the chest area and can be safer for some dogs. Some harness brands even have a D ring on the front of the chest to be able to use a double-ended leash. 


In conclusion

Puppy needs include a few basic items, some of which play a role in the socialization and comfort of your dog. For walking, sleeping, and feeding you have options to choose what works for both you and your puppy. As new and chaotic as everything is in the beginning you will soon find it was all worth it. 

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