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Should you get an artificial Christmas tree?

Winter holiday is approaching and some decorate a tree with dangly decorations but is an artificial Christmas tree better than a real one? This is a discussion we have subjective opinions about. It depends on preference and budget most of the time. 

So this is a quick overview of the pros and cons of choosing an artificial or real tree for Christmas. 

A real Christmas tree 

Opting for a real Christmas tree is what many families prefer for various reasons. Depending on each preference people will want pine, spruce or fir and claim one is better than the other. 

Pros of a real Christmas tree

Regardless, real trees are a staple for some families, and here are some of the reasons why they believe so. 

Fresh scent

For some, nothing compares to the fresh smell of pine you get from an actual real tree. Not even other seasonal scents like cinnamon or citrus, so it’s no questions as to why it’s preferred. 

It’s recyclable

One good part about having a real tree is that it’s biodegradable. You throw it at the end of the season and it returns to nature. 

It’s cheaper, initially

Depending on where you live the price of a real Christmas tree is variable. Even so, a real tree can be cheaper than a plastic one. It’s no wonder it would be more appealing to get one. 

It’s tradition

The simplest reason is that it’s tradition to have a real Christmas tree every year. Having an evergreen tree is the best way to celebrate this winter season. It brings in nostalgia and reminds them of childhood, so even as adults many prefer a real tree Christmas. 

Cons of a real Christmas tree

It’s not all positive and there are some drawbacks to getting a real Christmas tree. 

 The price 

For a one-time purchase a real tree is cheaper but on a repeat purchase every year the price tag stacks up. 

The mess

A real tree will make a mess and drop needles as time progresses. By the time you have to clean out the tree at the end of the season, you’ll have a mess on your hands. 

Not everyone wants to deal with the prickly needles from a real tree. 

Fire risk

A real tree can pose a fire risk with all the dangly things and electric light. Of course, you don’t have to leave the light on all night but it can be a dealbreaker for many regardless. 

An artificial Christmas tree

Plastic Christmas trees have become more and more popular and many opt for it instead of a real tree. 

Pros of artificial Christmas tree

Many positive things about an artificial Christmas tree are the reasons why it is a good choice for many. 


The number one pro for an artificial Christmas tree is that it can be used again and again each year for a long time. It retracts the stress level of having to get a new tree every year and it is cheaper over time. 

Less mess

An artificial Christmas tree will not shed pine needles as a real tree would. There can be a few plastic needles that fall when you install but it’s nowhere near as much. 

It’s not necessary to lug it out at the end of the season to throw it away. You just put it back in its storage place in your home. 

Custom canopy

The fluffiness of the canopy is something you customize each year. Every branch and stick on the tree can be moved and angled as you like so it makes for nice customisation. 

Cons of artificial Christmas tree

The downsides of using a plastic tree are also mirrored by the pros. 

Plastic waste 

As with most plastic products even an artificial tree will end up in a landfill at some point. A real tree might be a chore to do each year but it is biodegradable. 


Installing the tree is not that hard but trying to unravel all the branches can be a little time-consuming. This is not ideal for everyone especially when you do it every year. 

Takes up space all year 

A plastic tree will stay with you for longer but it will also mean it will take up space in your home all year. It’s something that can be annoying if you don’t want ti use up any space just for the tree. 

In conclusion

Everyone who celebrates Christmas is free to choose whatever tree they like. Depending on your needs, there are options for both real and artificial trees. 

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