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Brussels sprouts

Quick and easy Brussels sprouts for Christmas

Brussels sprouts are a common side dish for Christmas along with some other meat-based dishes and there are a few ways to prepare them. The basic recipe is the easiest to make and add to your Christmas dinner table. 

So grab your spatula and start your Christmas dinner with this little easy side dish. Pair them with a turkey crown, or a different veggie option for a nice Christmas meal with the family.

Basic Brussels sprouts Ingredients: 

  • A package of brussels sprouts 
  • Water to boil, or oil to stir-fry
  • Salt 
  • Pepper or nutmeg
  • Ground walnuts ( * )


Boil or stir-fry the Brussels sprouts for a few minutes. After they’re cooked take them out and strain them, if you’ve boiled them. Check one with a fork and if it’s easily pierced through they are done.

Place them in a bowl for seasoning. Add the salt, pepper, walnuts and a little extra oil if necessary. 

And it’s done! Easy and quick!

Alterations for Brussels sprouts

Walnuts or any other type of nuts are the one thing that makes it into Brussels sprouts but you can use other ingredients. Pieces of bacon, parmesan, pomegranate seeds, or veggies are all options to add. 

There are of course other ways to cook Brussels sprouts besides boiling or stir-frying. Gratinated, baked and shredded are some of the other ways in which you may cook them. 


Leave the Brussels sprouts whole or dice them in 2 or 4. It will be easier to dice them before cooking them as they will be too soft after. 

Use olive oil for a better pairing with parmesan.

Instead of oil, you can use butter for some added buttery-ness and texture. 

Cheese is another favourite ingredient to add to your Brussels sprouts to make a nice casserole or just sprinkle on top instead of parmesan. 

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