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How to make house chores easier

We’ve all been there, the house seems to need constant cleaning and house chores never get any easier, especially when they pile up. Working from home or not, chores will pile up, and sometimes it’s hard to tackle. 

So you need a plan, even a small list of usual chores that need to be done. As easy as it sounds a very detailed plan is easily derailed, so small tasks will make chores easier. 

Plan house chores

Every household’s plan will look different depending on who the residents are, but regardless, most chores are universal. Sharing a home with family or roommates can make planning for chores more or less difficult. 

Decide what needs to be done on a regular basis. To figure out what should go on the list, take note of everything you do and write it down. At the end of a week or month look at those notes and compile the chores that repeat the most. 

List of chores

The list of chores will differ for each household but some tasks will be the same for most of us. Some tasks will have to be done daily or at least every other day. Scheduling chores by days, weeks and month is a way to make house chores easier.  

Daily chores list

  • Tidying up – there will be clutter somewhere 
  • Empty and load the dishwasher/wash the dishes
  • Wipe off excess water in the bathroom, kitchen, or entryway (if it’s rainy)
  • Empty and wipe the counters

Weekly chores list

  • Change towels in both bathroom and kitchen
  • Change the bed linen and wash 
  • Vacuum the floors
  • Load the washing machine with laundry
  • Scrub everything that uses water – shower panels, sinks and taps, bathtub, toilet 

Monthly chores list 

  • Clean an appliance oven – cooker/fridge/microwave
  • Dust
  • Check for mould (especially in the UK)
  • Reorganise clothes in the dresser
  • Wipe kitchen floors and hard floor

House chores by room

It will be easier if you divide the chores by room. This method is one I personally use but it might work for other households as well. I find it easier to separate chores for each room. 

The kitchen

The most messy room in most houses is the kitchen. Anyone that cooks for themselves knows this all too well, and it gets dirty because you’ll be tired after cooking to also clean. 

The kitchen gets something cleaned every day which is usually just tidying up leftover utensils and crockery. Either loading them in the dishwasher or hand washed. Of course, there will be days when it’s left for the next day and that’s when regret sinks in as there’s no space for breakfast on the counter. 

Best things to do to keep the kitchen tidy:

  • Don’t let dishes pile up, you used it, clean it
  • Wipe the cooker after it cooled down, usually in the evening
  • Sweep the floor or vacuum at least every week, it won’t get too crazy if you do
  • Put everything back in the pantry, fridge, or cupboard or it will clutter fast
  • Wipe the sink and tap every other day, that thing gets so messy so quickly

The bathroom

The most important thing about bathrooms is to keep them as dry as possible. It’s not always easy but there are a few things that can at least help it dry faster. 

  • Wipe the sink and tap so they stay clean and mould free
  • Wipe the shower panels dry after use especially if you have hard water
  • Clean the toilet daily if you can, with one of those special brushes
  • Clean the floor weekly as it needs refreshing
  • Weekly change the towels and bathroom carpet 

Bedroom and living room

These should be the easiest to clean so there are a few you can do to keep them in tip-top shape. 

  • Change bed linens weekly
  • Vacuum once a week or once every week if you don’t have time
  • Tidy up daily, because clutter does not discriminate between rooms

Conclusions – house chores

Make use of the available time to do chores at home, if you only have 30 seconds then just use those 30 seconds. It’s a big headache to keep a home clean all day all the time, and you’d need too much time that you might not have. 

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