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Great dog treat bag to help with training

Most dogs are food-motivated and training needs treats so a dog treat bag is a must for many dog owners that want to take up dog training. You won’t want to carry dog treats in your pockets or a regular bag, trust me. There is no dog treat that won’t smell very strong, and that smell is hard to wash out. 

Now don’t go looking for less flavourful dog treats because you want that intense smell to entice your dog. Just get a specific bag for your dog’s treats and you can avoid smelly situations, while also having treats handy. 

Dog treat bag from PAW

Storage space for days, that’s how I would describe this treat bag. You have a mesh pocket, a zipper pocket, and a drawstring pocket. Not only that but there is even a poop bag dispenser, with a silicone opening to help take out bags easily. 

I found that it helps to have a poop bag included so you don’t forget to take the treat bag with you on every walk. Sometimes we get lazy with carrying treats. But if the treat bag is tied to something necessary like poop bags you will remember to grab it. The strap makes it so that you can carry it on a shoulder or around the hips. 

Pecute bag

A versatile treat bag with so many separate pockets for storage space, similar to the one from PAW. This version is a more budget-friendly option, but it still has drawstring, mesh and zipper pockets. All these and a poop bag dispenser but it’s just a little smaller. 

The treat bag comes with a clicker and a collapsible water bowl. It’s a nice on-the-go dog treat bag that seems to have brought everything needed for training and walkies. The green lining helps make treats visible and easy to find as well as make cleaning easier. The waterproof feature also helps on rainy days. 

OllyDog treat bag

A small treat bag for those of us that don’t want anything bulky and just a bag to hold treats. It’s water resistant and it has even been made from recycled material, like plastic bottles. It’s lightweight and so easy when you wear it, and can offer easy access to treats. 

This bag comes with a style choice as you can have various prints to match whatever you are wearing. It’s also versatile in how you can wear it, either with a belt or just with a carabiner clip. 

Small treat bag 

The smallest treat bag I could find, that is good enough to hold just treats, which is enough for many of us. Not wanting to get a bulky treat bag is understandable and this can be the bag for you. 

This little baggie is also ideal for smaller dogs as you won’t need as many treats as for a larger dog. You can also wear it either with a strap or a carabiner clip, depending on what’s more comfy. 

Conclusions – dog treat bag

Depending on your style of training and the length of your walks with your dog will also signal what type of treat bag you’ll need. If you want more space to carry your phone along with some dog treats, there are options for you. 

Smaller or larger, a doggy treat bag comes with enough space as you need. Divided pockets keep everything clean and the treats fresh while, waterproof material makes it easy to use in the rain. Grab your perfect bag and start your daily walks with everything in hand. Great dog treat bag to help with training

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