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4 best menstrual cups

Menstrual cups are very useful for so many people, and choosing the right one can be a game changer, but how do you know which one to pick? There is some variety to cups, even though the most recognizable look like an ordinary cup with a tail. 

This standard design is not suitable for everyone, as people are different and it won’t fit everyone. Some other menstrual cups come with specific needs in mind. Before jumping to get one, a little research can help point you in the right direction.  

Sirona Reusable Menstrual Cup

As far as menstrual cups go you can’t go more typical than with this design. It looks exactly like a cup but has the distinct features of its use. These features include a flexible material, a grooved rim with holes to help break the vacuum, and a little tail at the base. The tail is also rimmed with grooves to help users get a grip on it. 


It comes in 3 sizes, and thus 3 capacities for catching fluid. It’s made with medical-grade silicone, which is the perfect material to avoid dryness and infections and is easily cleaned or sterilized. It can last for up to 8 hours after insertion, but this will depend on flow. 

The Flex Cup

Not everyone will have a smooth go at trying a menstrual cup, as you do need some dexterity to use one. It can be hard to get the cup out for many of us, so this is where the flex cup comes to the rescue. This cup is perfect for everyone that has problems reaching and taking the cup out, because of its design. 


The tail of this cup extends inside through a hole in the cup’s base and is attached to the cup’s rim. What this means is that pulling the tail will break the seal and make it extremely easy to remove. It might be a little harder to put it because of the tail reaching the rim. It makes it a little chunkier when folding it, but this can be bypassed by pinching it down right in front of the attachment. 

Lena Menstrual Cup

Much like the standard cup, this menstrual cup retains its recognizable design but comes with a little extra. The tail is a little longer to help reach and pull it out. Of course, this does not mean just yanking it out entirely but gently nudging it to a lower level. That way you can reach the cup’s base and break the seal. 


This model boasts 12-hour wear, but this is conditional on every person’s body and their flow at any given time. It is probably still a cup that would be easier to use by someone with a little more experience. A bigger advantage is that this brand offers two alternating capacities, with the same total height of the cup. 

Intimina Lily Cup

With a slightly more unusual design than most menstrual cups, this brand might scare some users off, but it really shouldn’t. Yes, it doesn’t have the regular cup shape and it does look more like a lily. It doesn’t have those release holes under the rim and it doesn’t look much longer than other cups. 


All these features are still its best assets. The shape is more elongated which makes it perfect for people with a higher cervix. It also helps that the back and front are reinforced to be able to move it without breaking the seal. Taking it out is also a bonus of these reinforced sides, as you can manoeuvre it easier to break its seal. The downward shape of the rim makes it easier to open and create a seal once inside. 


Switching to using menstrual cups changed the way some of us view our period. It just made that scummy week more bearable and less stressful. Of course, all cups have to be sterilized through boiling, so make sure to take care of your cup. Popper care will ensure you are able to use it for longer. 

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