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4 Best alternative period products

Period products are usually limited to tampons and pads but there are alternatives out there and they can be even more efficient. If you are sick of always having to carry period products or spending sums of money on them, you have solutions. 

Many alternatives to tampons and pads usually come in the reusable variety. So if you are looking for a more cost-effective period product then you can easily ditch tampons for something else. What specific period product you should go for will depend on your body and what you can commit to using. 

Menstrual cups 

The very first alternative period products you will encounter are menstrual cups. Recent years have seen an even bigger interest in using these little cups. They collect much more fluid and can be kept inside throughout the day. An added bonus to using a menstrual cup is that it doesn’t pose a danger from unwanted chemicals or bleaches. 


Menstrual cups do come with a bit of a learning curve as they can be quite difficult to insert and or remove. Many newcomers to this product have had to acquire this skill, but most claim that it has changed their lives. Menstrual cups are great, and using them will also mean less plastic ends up in landfills from pads or tampons. 

Reusable pads 

Not everyone wants to use cups or tampons, as understandably, not everyone is comfortable with inserting anything. But with the need to reduce waste or simply forgo the scented pads, reusable pads come to the rescue. 


It kind of became the standard that most companies started adding scents to pads, which only makes it worse. It’s almost impossible to find unscented pads now. Even if you do, the plastic feel of them makes for uncomfortable wear and can chafe your sensitive skin. 

Reusable pads not only remove this uncomfy feeling but you can also reuse them. Sure they do come with the responsibility of cleaning them each month, but so would stained underwear if needed. 

Menstrual discs

Menstrual discs, similar to cups are period products that you need to insert. Usually, menstrual discs were disposable, but for many, it would defeat the purpose of replacing other products. 


Now there are even designs for menstrual discs that have this attachment to help take it out easier. Menstrual discs are able to hold more fluid, and this is perfect for people with heavier flows, or at the beginning of the period. 

Period underwear

As opposed to a menstrual cup, pads, or discs, period underwear deals away with all period products. Period underwear just incorporates absorbancy within the underwear. Thai kind of period tool is perfect for those that want to freely bleed and not have to worry about staining underwear. 


You can even use them in combination with one of the other products like a menstrual cup. Many people are not 100% sure that they managed to make the cup open so they double it with pads. Period underwear can help secure your bleeding while bypassing annoying regular pads. 

In conclusion

Period products don’t have to be the bane of our existence. Due to many advancements and improvements, they are finally starting to be better. If you are on the fence about switching pads and tampons for some other products there are options. 

Depending on preferences and comfort, you have to choose what works for you and your body. Some products require some skill to use while others simply replace similar products but make them comfier. Pick and choose what is good for yourself and make sure you are prepared to learn how to use them.

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