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Why do dogs sleep so much

Why do dogs sleep so much?

If cats are most popular for being sleepy all the time then why do dogs sleep so much and is it something you should worry about? Even hyperactive dogs and puppies fall into such deep slumbers during the day and that may seem surprising. 

Of course, dogs are known to be bundles of energy, even the more lethargic breeds, but sleeping is also a part of their behaviour. If you worry about why do dogs sleep so much, read on to see what’s normal and what’s not. 

How much do dogs sleep every day?

On average, dogs sleep about 12 to 14 hours every day in stages. If you have a puppy they will sleep even more than that, reaching even 20 hours. Although it sounds like a lot, a dog sleeping as much is actually normal. 

When to be concerned – why do dogs sleep so much?

That is not to say that lethargy is the same thing as sleeping snuggly. Adult dogs will sleep up to 15 hours a day, but it’s not the same for all dogs. Your dog will fall into a routine, which will be moulded by your own schedule. 

After a morning walk, your dog will most likely decide to sleep some more, even if they just woke up. What would be concerning is that during walks or waking periods, your dogs display signs of lethargy or dizziness. 

If your dog is not at all lively and only wants to sleep all the time, then of course this would mean something is wrong. Depending on your dog’s sleeping routine each day, you can fairly easily discern that your dog is sleeping too much. 

Why do dogs sleep so much?

The simple answer is that dogs just need to sleep. They don’t have an equivalent to a circadian rhythm like humans do so they just sleep all day if needed. But like humans, when dogs sleep it helps them with certain developmental processes like their immune system, or mental development. 

If a dog suffers from lack of sleep it will impede your dog’s mood. Sleep is good for your dog, it helps them with their memory, well-being and learning ability. 

Dog sleep patterns 

Be aware in a general sense of your dog’s sleeping patterns. If they usually sleep in the morning after walking and this changes, it could be a problem. It depends on how much more your dogs sleeps and how they react to being woken up. 

A healthy dog should wake up easily and be energetic and motivated to do something they enjoy, like playing. With a stretch and a yawn, your pup should be ready to go and be their happy-go-lucky self. 

If it’s hard for your dog to wake up or lack any energy, then it’s time for a trip to the vet. 

Restless nights

On the opposite side of the spectrum, some dogs will have trouble falling asleep. Age will play into this issue, as the older a dog gets the less sleep they are liable to get. 

Specific medical conditions, some more common than others, also bring about issues with your dog’s sleep. Older dogs will need to pee more often and this can impede their sleeping pattern. 

Conclusions – why do dogs sleep so much?

It’s quite common for dogs to sleep a lot during the day, even if they are usually energetic dogs. The opposite is also true, and dogs can have more restless days with less sleep, which is not exactly ideal for them. 

Sleeping during the day is normal for dogs, not just cats, and if this is not the case, some underlying issues might be present. Talk to your vet to explore any solutions that can help your dog resolve their sleeping pattern. 

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