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Why do dogs pant

Why do dogs pant?

It’s too hot outside so that’s the answer to why do dogs pant, but it’s not the only reason and you should know the other reasons. Sometimes it’s the middle of winter and your dog starts panting. 

Watch what your dog is doing and see what causes them to pant. It’s not always a cause for concern so be mindful that it can just be a normal physical reaction. 

Why do dogs pant?

There are a few common causes that will make a dog pant and some are not as well known. Here we will explore a few common reasons for why do dogs pant. 

Hot weather and why do dogs pant?

In the summertime, it’s not surprising that your dog will start to pant. That’s their way of cooling off, inhaling air to increase humidity and evaporation in their lungs. It’s a whole process that dogs do because they can’t sweat as much, as we do. 

Dog sweat a little bit but it’s not enough to help with cooling off, so they pant instead. It’s a good sign that your dog is experiencing discomfort because of the heat. 

Enthusiasm or anxiety

Heatwaves are not always to blame for why dogs pant, and it can simply be an emotional reaction. Fear and anxiety are just a few reasons why a dog might start to pant. 

Things that can induce anxiety-induced panting in your dog include fireworks, car trips especially when going to the vet, or being left alone at home. 

Other interactions like meeting new people and dogs also may have your dog panting. Some of these situations are less worrisome than others so be aware of every situation and adapt to it. 

Panting during playtime

Your dog is happy during playtime and starts panting, but don’t be worried, it can simply be their way of expressing joy. Usually, this is accompanied by rapid tail wags, so it better shows they are enjoying themselves. 

We often say that this is how a dog smiles, especially when playing. It could also mean they got a little warm but nonetheless, it’s a natural response. 

Panting and discomfort

Panting is harmless enough but it can also point to other problems that you need to be aware of. Look for these if your dog’s panting is excessive. 

Dogs tend to hide of they feel pain but if it gets too bad they may start to pant. Look for other signs of discomfort like loss of appetite, vomiting or diarrhea. 

Lethargy and wining are other small signs that accompany panting when a dog is in pain, so look out for those. 

Check on your dog regularly and drop by the vet when you feel like you can’t deal with it. It might not be anything but it could be something dangerous like Cushing’s disease or some other unusual disease. 


A trip to the vet could also make clear if any medication might be the cause for excessive panting in your dog. Certain components can have adverse side effects and panting might be causing panting. 


There are many reasons for why do dogs pant and not all of them are due to heat. Injury and discomfort are some other reasons why a dog might start panting and if your dog hides their pain, you’ll need to be more vigilant. 

The vet is the best idea when you’re not sure how to deal with anything like this. Be prepared and always check your dog if you’re concerned, as they could be hiding pain. 

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