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best dog for first-time owners

The best dog for first-time owners

Getting your first fur companion is a hard choice to make and the best dog for first-time owners is even more difficult to narrow down. A long list of worries is probably swimming through your head among which is what kind of dog you should get. 

Some breeds have certain requirements for grooming and health that might be difficult for first-time owners. On that note, energy levels will differ from breed to breed but also for each dog, so you might need to prepare for some quirks. 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

I’ve been finding this breed everywhere. It’s definitely a favourite with many and it can be a best dog for first-time owners. It’s a medium size dog and this will make it more manageable, especially during walks. Those puppy dog eyes of theirs are sure to make you want to cuddle. 

Appearance aside, these little flappy-eared dogs have a medium to low energy level. They are friendly and can even be introduced in houses with children, under adult supervision of course. Their lush coat is not something you should be scared of as it is in fact easy to care for with basic brushing. 

Labrador and Golden Retriever

There’s a reason why golden retrievers are popular. Their infectious energy and loveable personality are a few reasons why. It’s a nice gentle dog and, even if they are a bit on the large side, the retrievers are easy to get as a new owner. 

Both types of retrievers are quite energetic but it’s manageable and you’ll find them wanting to be lap dogs a lot of the time. This might sound unusual as they are larger than lap dogs, but their affectionate nature primes them to want attention. 


Yes, the image of the pampered poodle with the classic groomed fluffy tail and leg warmers indicates a high-maintenance dog. While true, most dogs have grooming requirements and this should not be the only indicator for first-time owners.

The many different sizes and the fact that it’s hypoallergenic makes the poodle a great choice generally. Highly intelligent dogs that respond great to training make poodles one of the best dog for first-time owners. 


A very angular-looking breed, the whippet is a delight for new owners. Although energy-wise a whippet looks like the racing dog of all racing dogs, it’s a moderate energy level dog. That is to say that they love the couch as much as running. 

Since a whippet is not that large a dog they will curl up in your lap and demand attention. All their personality quirks are one aspect of them being one best dog for first-time owners, but there are others. 

For one, you won’t have that much difficulty grooming their coat, and while they do have a prey drive, they do well in apartments as well. 


Even with some dogs that are low to medium levels of energy, you should know that puppies will be a little more energetic. Sometimes you just want that high energy high maintenance dog and that’s fine, the best dog for first-time owners can be subjective. 

Be prepared for what your dog will need and enjoy your new family member. Dogs are not a monolith and personality will depend on each dog, not just their breed necessarily. 

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