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Best Frozen Dog Treats For Summer Heat

Summers are hard on many dogs, and you have to help them cool off sometimes, using various methods such as frozen dog treats. There’s a variety of ways to make your own frozen dog treats and have them be tasty and healthy. 

Most tasty DIY dog treats use food you might already have around the house. Some owners like to have them in cute bite-sized shapes and opt to use some silicone moulds. 

Nevertheless, here are some top tasty frozen dog treats ideas. 

Frozen licky mat

A very easy DIY doggy treat that many dogs absolutely love is yoghurt and you can adapt it to work on hot days. Spread some yoghurt on a licky mat and freeze it for about an hour.   

You can even use something sweet or savory instead of yoghurt, such as a banana, or peanut butter. This one is a very popular idea because it takes little to no preparation beforehand and you can make it in no time. 

Frozen popsicle soup

This one sounds weird but so many dogs just love it. Have some dog-safe broth, chicken, beef or whatever they like and pour it into ice cream moulds. Use some veggies to sprinkle into the broth for texture, and voila, frozen popsicle soup. 

Be mindful to use doggy-safe broth which means no salt, onions, garlic, chilli or other spices that can harm your dog. Onions and garlic especially are harmful to dogs so be careful. When in doubt make your own broth, boil some chicken and strain it. Use the meat for high-value doggy treats. 

Frozen kong with peanut butter

A very popular frozen dog treat is the stuffed frozen kong. Depending on what you stuff it with it may need more time in the freezer than a licky mat. 

Usually, peanut butter is the preferred base for the kong but you can substitute it with yoghurt if you want. 

Mix in some of your dogs’ favourite high-value treats which can be literally anything. Mashed potatoes, salmon paste, scrambled egg already cooked, mashed banana or pieces of cheese.

There is a lot you can use. Some owners get creative and put a biscuit hanging outside as a teaser. The sky is the limit with this one. 

Ice cubes

No really, some dogs go nuts over just ice cubes. Use them sparingly however as you don’t want to overdo them. Of course, you can spice up the ice cube too if you want. Add a sprinkle of lemon juice, or mix water with some mashed banana.

Either way, it’s an easy low effort treat for your dog on hot summer days. Put some blueberries or strawberry pieces in there, your dog will love them. It makes it more exciting to get to the core of the cube when there’s a prize. 

In conclusion

Try out many different treats that can be frozen and experiment with what your dog enjoys. Make sure to give your dog their frozen treat on a surface that you can clean easily, as it will be messy. Your carpet in the living room will thank you, and the tiles in the kitchen are easier to clean. 

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