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The best armchair for your reading nook

Avid book readers dream of having their own reading nook complete with the perfect comfy armchair in a quiet space to read. When you get caught up in a good story you get glued to your seat. So a comfy seat is a great addition to a nice reading session.

We know how uncomfortable we can get holding a book or tablet in hand to read. Sitting upright for too long gets your arms tired. Sitting on your back can do the same with the added risk of the book falling on your face. 

The typical-looking armchair

The sturdy armchair offers the classic image of such a seat for readers, and this delivers on that. It’s reclining but you don’t have to stretch it out if you don’t want to. Armrests to the side with padding all around, it’s a comfy chair to use for reading. 

It’s not too big and not too small, so if you’re pressed for space, it won’t take up too much. I personally prefer a solid colour for an armchair, and this one comes with such a design, but also in flannel print. Many buyers say it’s easy to install when it arrives so it won’t pose a hassle.

Lazy chair 

A budget-friendly armchair with so many colours that you can match it with any colour scheme. Made with metallic alloy steel frames that are covered with soft comfy cushions. This makes it more lightweight and easy to install, as many buyers have stated. 

It looks and is very comfy, so it would make a great reading chair. You have pockets with this chair although you might not be able to fit a book in there. A bottle of water, however, would fit in this pocket and help remind you to hydrate. 

Luxurious seating

This beautiful chair puts some elegance at the forefront. Stylish and reclining you can have it both ways, but like with the other recliner, you can leave it as is. It has more muted tones than other chairs, so think wisely if you want to match it with other colours. 

The soft padding and cushion design s great for lumbar support, especially while reading. Whether seated by a fireplace or close to a window this luxurious chair will make a statement. It also provides a nice backdrop for your reading. 

The Ikea chair

I had to include at least one chair from Ikea. This little number is very popular for its good and bad features. It’s very sturdy and comfy but many have had difficulties with installing it. 

Apparently, this chair was designed in 1950 and came back in “fashion” in recent years. This chair looks like a mix between an ultra-stylish and a more toned version, so it’s a simplistic yet beautiful chair. 


In my experience, if you have pets you will be competing for this armchair when you decide to start reading. They are all comfy and will provide a nice seat for your reading sessions. 

So grab your drink and that comfy blanket you have just for reading and settle in your reading nook. 

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