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Indoor game ideas

Indoor game ideas for adults and children

On holidays or weekends, we sometimes want to have fun with the entire home and some of these indoor game ideas should help.

With covid and in the aftermath of covid, many households have taken up to pass the time indoors. Certain games are fun for all ages and below are some fun ways to spend time.

Board games

A staple of indoor fun activity that has entertained people for years. The most popular game that comes to mind when thinking about board games is Dungeon and Dragons.

D&D is a massively fun game to play, one that requires rulebooks. A much easier board game to play that does not involve much planning ahead as D&D does, in Settlers of Catan.

The board game itself can be bought online or in stores but it also has a free online version for those of us who are more comfortable at the keyboard. So jump online and start playing a fun enjoyable game or opt for the physical board game. 

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Card games

Regular old playing cards are probably the most widespread pastime. There are many variations of games that can be played with this one deck of cards. Some examples include crazy eights, hearts, go fish, and even solitaire for those that want to go about it solo.

One other easy-to-play card game is called war. Far from it being as dramatic as it sounds, war simply follows the goal of gathering or conquering all the cards by one player.

A bigger card will take the smaller ones, but if one or more players land on the same card then war breaks out. Each must place the same amount of cards as indicated by the last card placed and whoever has the bigger one on top wins the war and conquers all the cards contested.

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Indoor game ideas – treasure hunt

This game needs a little more work. Many riddles can easily be found online to depict household items such as chairs, TV or pillow, where clues can be hidden in order to find the treasure at the end. The treasure can be a piece of candy, a toy for kids, eggs for Easter, or a little gift.

In some instances, this treasure hunt can even have educational purposes. The clues can be problems to solve in accordance with educational norms, like writing a word correctly, or pronouncing it phonetically correct. In the end, the reward will have made it worth playing and maybe even fun.

Indoor game ideas – bowling 

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A few empty plastic bottles and a tennis ball, or any kind of small hanging around the house. Simply line the bottles in a triangle formation, like in bowling, and begin the game.

This should keep one occupied for a few hours at least unless one decides to make an entire competition with multiple tiers and accumulate the most points. Have fun with this fun exciting game.

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Indoor mini-golf course

An easy game to set up. You will need some pieces of cardboard, empty toilet roll,s or plastic bottles. Place them around the room to create the different golf holes, number them, grab a small ball or make one out of foam or a sock.

Get a mop stick or broomstick and start the game. Far from trying to keep any kind of score, this game can simply provide a little fun. Enjoy a nice fun game with loved ones and family. 

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