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Strawberry Semifreddo easy simple recipe

Semifreddo is a delicate dish with many different flavours that make up an elegant dessert to finish off a meal. The base flavour for this dessert is meringue which can be enhanced with some other flavour. 

This makes Semifreddo an ideal dessert to customize to your taste so it can be a canvas for experimentation. 

For this recipe, however, we are focusing on strawberry Semifreddo. 


  • 30 g Water 
  • 150 g Sugar 
  • 300 g Strawberries (*)
  • 200 g Fresh liquid cream 
  • 75 g Egg whites (from 2 medium eggs) 


The first step is to wash the strawberries, remove their leaves and steps and cut them into small pieces. Either blend the strawberries or mush them thoroughly with a fork until you get a smooth puree. 

Strain the strawberry mash through a sieve so that the seeds don’t make it into the Semifreddo. Collect it in a bowl and keep refrigerated and covered with some cling films, so that it won’t dry up. 

Now to begin making the syrup. Start by pouring the sugar into a saucepan and add water. Heat on a low heat until it begins to boil. 

Start whipping the egg whites with an electric whisk until you obtain a frothy mixture. 

Mix some of the strawberry puree and mix with a spatula and mix very well. Leave some for later decoration. 

In a separate bowl, start whipping the fresh cream and incorporate it into the strawberry mixture. Transfer this into moulds, or even glasses. Leave in the freezer for about 12 hours. 

After that time has passed, take one mould out, turn it upside down and spill onto a serving plate. 

Decorate with some of the leftover strawberry puree and serve. 


I usually keep the rest of the moulds in the freezer until you need to serve one again. It will last for about a month. 

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