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Italian Amaretti biscuits – easy recipe

Amaretti biscuits are very simplistic biscuits that go very well with an espresso and are quite a popular sweet treat in Italian cuisine. As with any Italian dish, there will of course be variations, but for this recipe, we will focus on the classic amaretti. 

The intense taste of this biscuit is one that sets it apart and brings out its uniqueness. So let’s start off on making some amaretti!

Ingredients (for about 50 amaretti biscuits):

  • Bitter almond extract (optional) to taste
  • 3 g Ammonia for desserts 
  • 200 g Peeled almonds 
  • 125 g Powdered sugar 
  • 15 g Kernel almonds 
  • 50 g Egg whites 
  • 140 g Sugar


Start with toasting the almonds for a few minutes in the oven at 200 degrees C. 

Put the almonds in a blender, add the granulated sugar and icing sugar. Blend everything. 

Take this mixture and sift it through a sieve, before blending it again. Sift it one last time and put it in a bowl. 

Add the ammonia, the egg whites, and the bitter almond extract. 

Mix and combine the ingredients with a spatula, until you get a soft homogenous mixture. 

Place the dough in the fridge overnight, covering it with some foil. 

The next day take the dough out and begin making the biscuits. Start making little balls, maybe 50 maybe less, depending on how big you roll the dough. 

Place the newly formed biscuits in a tray, split them in half, and space them out enough to encourage airflow. 

Press each biscuit with your fingers lightly, so that they flatten just a little. 

Cook at 170 degrees C for about 20 minutes. 

Once baked and taken out, leave them out to cool before serving. 


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