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How to make air fryer potatoes – recipe and tips

Potatoes are probably one of the most popular ingredients for meals because of how versatile it is, so air fryer potatoes are a must. Making baked potatoes in your air fryer is really easy and fast, mainly because of how the device itself works. 

With a few ingredients and the needed potatoes, you can make a tasty air fryer potato meal, paired with whatever you want. You can bake potatoes in an air fryer whole but also make skinny french fries. 


  • 400 grams baby potatoes cut in halves
  • olive oil (enough to coat the potatoes)
  • garlic powder 
  • herbs such as basil, thyme, oregano or other such mixes
  • parsley for garnish
  • salt


Wash the baby potatoes and don’t peel them. Baby potatoes have very thin skin and you don’t need to peel them because you lose a lot from the potato. Cut them in half and place them in a separate bowl. 

Sprinkle the olive oil onto the potatoes and add the garlic powder, herbs and salt. Place the potatoes in the air fryer basket without overcrowding it. Cook at 200°C for 10 minutes, which is the midway point, and then go shake or stir the potatoes inside and leave for another 10 minutes. 

Once done, take the potatoes out and garnish with parsley to serve. 

Additional air fryer potatoes tips: 

Leave enough space in the baking basket so that the potatoes have enough space to crisp your air fryer potatoes. Overloading the basket only makes baking harder and can even make the potatoes mushier. 

Keep in mind how big the potatoes are. Baking them will vary depending on their size, and you will have perfect air fryer potatoes. 

The type of potatoes used will also make baking time different so with red potatoes you may need to bake for a little while longer.  

You can use other toppings instead of olive oil, and opt for butter if that sounds tastier for you. 

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