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Does a Galaxy projector help with sleep?

Colour theory is used in many wellness strategies even to help with sleep, some even use a Galaxy projector to induce a sleepy mood. But how helpful is it really and can the moving lights be beneficial to sleep or relaxation?

The specific colours or mix of colours available will be something, everyone has a preference for. Picking the right colour can make the difference between a nice dreamy sleep or disrupted sleep. 

What is a Galaxy projector?

It’s a fairly common name for a laser projector that swirls beautiful light on the ceiling. The variety of light and movement can make it look like a galaxy is on your ceiling, hence the name galaxy projector. 

There’s usually a mix of pointed star projections and softer light to make up abstract cloud-like images. Some light projectors, if not most, even have speakers to play music on by connecting with Bluetooth or something similar. 

Functionality-wise, you would want to be able to have some control over it besides on and off. Switching between colour, brightness and modes, and a timer to switch off, or a remote are all useful. 

Does a Galaxy projector help you sleep?

It really depends on each individual and what they prefer, but some scientific facts can be used to choose wisely. Certain colours would be better than others for setting the mood to fall asleep, so a light projector can help to some degree. 

How light affects your sleep?

We all know of night lamps especially if we used them as kids. A light source can affect your sleep in a bad way as well. Light can influence our circadian rhythm and thus cause an altered sleep cycle and the production of melatonin.

Circadian rhythm

We have an internal clock that is called a circadian rhythm that regulates specific processes in the body, including sleep. The circadian pacemaker in the brain controls this, and light can affect it. 

Bright light sends a signal to that part of the brain and wakes you up. 


The hormone that responds to light as it affects sleep is melatonin. Bright lights make it so that melatonin production slows down, and wakes you up. 

What colours are good for sleep?

Natural light can be replicated with artificial light but artificial light has more control and you can pick colours. 

The best colour for sleep

Warm colours are better for sleep so if you plan on trying out a light projector for this we recommend using these colours: 

  • Red 
  • Yellow
  • Orange

Red, yellow and orange are similar and all increase production of melatonin that helps you fall asleep. It also reduces sleep inertia and helps you wake up easier. 

Colours to avoid

On the opposite spectrum, we have cold colours that are not recommended for sleep as they will more likely wake you up. So avoid these colours:

  • Green 
  • Blue

Green lasers are most common in light projectors so look for one that you can deactivate the stary green dots. 

Recommended light projectors

Depending on budget and preference you have a few options for some affordable light projectors with nice functionalities.

  1. UOUNE Star Projector

The fantastical light projector from UOUNE is a cosy budget-friendly option. Its 10 vibrant colours and mind-boggling 360-degree rotational dynamic ocean wave projections make for a whimsical journey.

It offers a fusion of intergalactic starry skies and ever-changing fantasy landscapes that dance at varying speeds, all in one delightful package. 

  1. SUNNEST Baby Night

This device offers a mesmerizing oasis that captivates the senses and ignites the imagination and would work great for children. Cute aquarium depictions mixed with starry scenes all combined with some relaxing music will help with sleep. 

It’s also quite versatile wherein you can adjust brightness and dim it further with a cover lid. With a variety of colours, you can choose those that work for sleep or just use them for meditation. 

  1. SZPACMATE Astronaut

A whimsical light projector that looks like an astronaut but also projects cute galaxies on the ceiling. Choose a red or yellow colour for sleep or one of the 17 mods it has for your relaxation. 

It’s a bonus that it can turn off by itself after a while so you don’t have to worry about it staying on all night. Jump on board for a dreamy atmosphere right there in your room and enjoy a good night’s rest. 

In conclusion

Whichever projector you opt for make sure to try out warm light that helps with sleep. Other colours or a mix of more can also help with relaxation especially if you use music as well. 

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