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Fall guys – a bundle of fun and frustration

2020 has been a year and consuming media in higher amounts has become the norm, including video games like Fall guys. The beauty of simplicity this game exuberates seemed like a perfect match for the complicated year of 2020.

Fall guys – a quirky game

Fall guys is described as a battle-royale platformer, where you play as a cutesy colorful jelly bean character trying to qualify for the next round. The game begins with 60 players getting matched together to compete in random mini-games with different goals until the end where a crown awaits the victor.

These mini-games range from obstacle courses with spinning platforms, and balls rolling towards you to knock players down, seesaws tilting according to where players jump, running around jinxing other players or stealing their tail, and many more. At times it seems endless with the diversity of the rounds.

Not as easy as it sounds

As goofy and wacky as this game looks it can actually prove to be quite difficult sometimes. The satisfaction of playing good on one level sometimes comes with the dissatisfaction of completely flailing about on the next. The novelty of each round is the thing that makes this game so addicting, as each level brings new challenges. Even more, characters can latch onto other players to add to the ensuing chaos, trying to push each other off.

Of course, fall guys also comes with a customizable function that allows players to buy emotes or design features to “dress” their little fall guy character, using in-game currency. The graphics are in a very cute bubble gum style that looks perfect for a playground, which only adds to the fun and whimsical atmosphere it portrays.

Many players have expressed a deep frustration with the game but they still want to play and try to get as far as possible in the game. Frustration has proven to be a good catalyst in motivating players and fall guys is not the only game that created this feeling as reminiscing about frustration in games, flappy bird comes to mind.


Fall guys is a very interesting take on the battleground, player versus player type of game, and since it was released so much time after other such games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds it depicts a fresh new take. The number of people playing and interested in the game make it so that future renditions of it might become ever more chaotic. In the end it is all in good fun.

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