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Board Games for Beginners

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Sifting through ideas about what to do while staying at home is an endeavor many of us have undertaken. Board games are one pastime activity that has entertained people for a long time and there are so many of them that it may be difficult to choose just one.

Here is a list of five fun and engaging board games for anyone looking to try their hand at them. 



Carcassonne is a French city hosting a fortified citadel with the same name. Based on that city the board game was created. It simply involves constructing the city and citadel by placing tiles with drawings of various parts of said city and road so that they go well with each other.

Every player takes their turn in placing the tiles and also have the option to place followers on the tiles. This way the player claims the road or citadel and based on the rules they get a certain amount of points at the end when all the tiles are placed.

It is a very easy game to play and a lot of enjoyment can be found while playing as players build an entire city together but also try and foil the other’s plan. This game has many other spinoffs and extensions, as each might want to interact with a different playing field. 

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Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan is a board game we often stumble across when searching to jump into tabletop games and for good reason. It is a classic in the field and extremely fun.

Players take on the role of civilization builders by collecting resources to develop settlements, roads, and cities. Dice rolls grant them those resources and in some cases, they can even barter with the other players.

It also involves strategy as players must choose wisely the location to build the settlement in order to have access to resources or block the opponents from getting to them. The game is won by winning 10 victory points.

This game needs more strategy than luck in order to win and is one of the games that board gamers remember as the one to popularize this type of world builder. 

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Ticket to ride

While Carcassonne and settlers of Catan focus on settlement and world-building, ticket to ride engage players to build a railroad that can take them from one part of the map to the other.

This board game comes in different forms as there are versions for Europe, America, Asia and many more.

Players must find the best route and gather the most points. A longer route grants more points but opponents will try and foil that route by blocking it. Strategy is key and provides buckets of fun. Try it out and see how competition spikes in the eye of every family member and friend. 

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When thinking about board games most of us picture dungeons and dragons, but Munchkin comes as an alternative to that. This little board game falls on the silly side of board games but is immensely delightful.

Players must create a character to go on adventures and battle monsters and collect loot. Players can level up their characters, equip them with more powerful tools and enjoy the humorous nature of Munchkin. Hop on the dragon’s back and set off into the quest. 

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Forbidden Island

All the board games mentioned up until now have been ones that pin players against one another, so forbidden island is one that only works with cooperation. Players must band together and work to get the four treasures from the temples and get off the sinking island in time. Characters in the game have certain skills appointed at the beginning of the game that may come into play later on.

All players must make it off the island and losing only one player to the waters means the game has been lost for all. This type of camaraderie throughout the playthrough is the main reason why this game deserves a place on the table. 

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