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Easy vegetables to grow indoors

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Having a big garden to let the dog run around or start a little vegetable garden is something a lot of us dream of. The nice thing is you don’t need a very huge garden or space to grow something that you might later use for dinner. A little goes a long way sometimes, the dog though will probably need to still be taken out for walks. Here is a list of vegetables that can very easily be grown indoors.



Growing lettuce is remarkably easy and will not need much space. With a handful of seeds and a pot of soil with drainage holes, you could have fresh lettuce in about 40 to 50 days. Healthy and easy to manage, lettuce comes in many different varieties. Adding a little freshly cut leaves to a wrap or mixing into a salad this hardy vegetable will bring together a tasty meal. 



One of the most used ingredients in a lot of recipes, onions have made their way into plenty of dishes and thus became indispensable. Thriving to cultivate batches at home seems only rational and can provide fresh onions all year-round. They do need a little more space to grow the bulbs into the soil so a big enough plater needs to be chosen to plant the seeds or scraps from other onions. Once their stalks grow high enough (about 6 inches) they are ready to be harvested. 



Garlic is the main ingredient for many dishes especially Italian ones and accompanies many meat-based recipes. Growing them indoors is a little bit more difficult, but garlic greens are somewhat easier to grow indoors. A few small garlic cloves planted in a well-drained planter with soil should start showing sprouts in some 10 days. The green stems once long enough can be used as a garnish, while the freshly harvested cloves added to your next pasta dish. 



A very fragrant herb used in Italian cuisine, for dips or as a pizza garnish. Growing basil could not be easier, plant a few seeds in a pot, place in a funny warm spot and wait for the little stems to start showing. Water frequently and you will have a batch or little basil leaves ready for harvest and use in your next meal. The leaves give off a nice sweet aroma and pruning the plant will help yield even more once cleared, just do not trim all the leaves from the stem. 



If you want to be as strong as Popeye you need to eat your spinach. But in all seriousness spinach is indeed a very healthy vegetable. It is filled with vitamins, iron and helps digestion. Having it grow indoors isn’t going to be that hard either. It needs a big enough pot, some good soil, and water. You’ll be singing it;’s praises like Popeye in no time, as you enjoy this delicious, healthy veggie. 



Broccoli may be the bane of every child’s existence as their parents try to get them to eat it but it is indeed actually quite delicious. They can be used in many dishes, either in a cheese casserole or with pasta and ricotta, broccoli brings protein in your meal for a well-balanced diet. Growing them indoors can be a little difficult but not impossible with a little patience. 



Even though chives are used as a garnish they come packed in vitamin A and are extremely easy to grow. Place a few seeds in a pot with soil and lightly cover them. Place them in a sunny place and watch the little greens grow. They also make a beautiful violet flower as an added bonus. Top your next baked potato with some homegrown chives.


Hot peppers

A hot topic with hot food enthusiasts, hot peppers grown inside are a fun way to spice up a meal as well as your gardening skills. Save some seeds from a particular batch that you have liked or find some seeds and plant them in a pot. They will need sun and warm temperatures and should grow easily. Next time you’ll try a spicy meal it will be all the more enjoyable knowing that you grew those hot peppers yourself.