Sun 27 Dec 20 in Life

Cyberpunk 2077


Cyberpunk 2077 has been in the making since 2012 and the anticipation for it has grown ever higher as the years progressed along with the hype surrounding it. It’s no wonder, since the developers, CD Projekt Red, are also the ones behind the witcher series, with the third and last witcher game garnering high praise, awards, and general appreciation from the gaming community. 


The game itself is an open-world, single-player RPG based on a pen and paper RGP game franchise by Mike Pondsmith. He has been consulting for the game development and will also hold a role as a character within the game, which is a very nice way of having his own cameo. The news that Keanu Reeves will also play as a character in the game only enhanced interest and piled on the hype even more.


The original release date was April 16, 2020, but it got delayed to September 17, then November 19 and in the end, it was released on December 10. A whole slew of gamers has been greatly anticipating the release of this game, the amount of publicity it got over the years finally coming to a climax. It has not taken long for many said gamers to notice bugs and issues with the gameplay. There is never a perfect game rolled out of the factory with absolutely no issues, so in a sense, it is understandable that bugs will be discovered. 


However, some issues exceeded far beyond just a few bugs, and people were upset, some feeling cheated of the experience the game promised. Console users had to deal with the brunt of the problems as not only did they experience bugs such as characters disappearing through walls, fazing into cars like ghosts, cars exploding, and the like, they also had the game crashing multiple times. The tolerance for such things depends on each individual, many having no issues with the bugs as they are often seen as “features” of the game, funny things to catch on video and laugh about later. On the other side of concerns voiced by console users were things such as the frame rate dropping down to 30 or lower making it very difficult to actually play the game. The graphic quality on consoles is significantly lower with fuzzy and dark images. 


CD Projekt Red is known for publishing its own games and as independent developers being free of the pressing thumb of an outside publisher, they are free to change things that do not hold up to their standards, which is probably why Cyberpunk 2077 has been in development for so long. The pressure from both gamers and maybe even the higher-ups within the company to release this game, after so many delays, may explain why not all the kinks have been ironed out. CD Project Red has even issued an apology for the game as it is in its current state on consoles and has prompted refunds for anyone wishing their money back. A patch will most definitely be available soon, while in the meantime Sony has taken the game of its platform. Time will tell where it shall go on from here.