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Best yoga mats on a budget

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Yoga has seen a rise in popularity for a number of years, in an increasing world of stress and worry. Even before the pandemic hit, yoga played a big part in many lives. Now more than ever the need to still the mind and move past worries and fears is evident, and many turn to yoga for that. Simply starting out with this practice or having done it before, the ultimate tool most likely needed is a yoga mat. Some of the best yoga mats are readily available online and they come with competitive prices for every budget. 

Gaiam Essentials Premium Yoga Mat

This yoga mat has that classic look to it with additional cushioning for support and stability. Its durable and lightweight feature is designed to offer maximum comfort at the highest convenience to the user. The yoga mat comes with a variety of colours to choose from and with the non-slip texture, it is excellent at providing traction and grip.

This added stability can be implemented even in hot or heated yoga routines easily accomodating different fitness environments. The Gaiam are ¼ ich thick, ideal for protecting joints while working out, and it even offers a strap to effortlessly carry the yoga mat with you. 



ProsourceFit Extra Thick Yoga and Pilates Mat

For superior comfort, a high-density foam mat like the ProsourceFit Extra Thick Yoga and Pilates Mat is a perfect choice, especially for beginners. This 25 mm mat assures additional protection to sensitive joints while working out, and its water-resistant feature drives away moisture.

It provides stability with its non-slip surface that adheres to the floor and the ribbed surface offers grip for safe practice. Easy to clean using a wet cloth or sponge and due to its waterproof capability it air dries quickly. With over 500 positive reviews on Amazon, this yoga mat has made many buyers happy with their purchase. 



Glymnis TPE Yoga Mat Double Sided Yoga Mat 

This highly competitive priced yoga mat has a few more features implemented, like how it is made of eco-friendly material. Along with its high-quality material, carved lines and patterns on both sides of the yoga mat serves to assure a non-slip performance.

Weighing at just 950 g with a thickness of 6 mm this mat is will not take up space as it can be rolled up into a very compact size. Perfect for both beginner and advanced users, waterproof and low maintenance when it comes to cleaning. 



IUGA Non Slip Yoga Mat

A highly affordable yoga mat with multiple colour schemes to chose from the IUGA Non Slip Yoga Mat made with eco-friendly materials sets new standards for similar products. It is equipped with non-slip surfaces ribbed to hold onto the floor and offer grip while practising your workout routine.

With a lightweight design of 2 lbs and a portable strap included this mat is perfect to carry around. Created with an anti-tear mesh in the middle of two non-slip layers this yoga mat is both practical and elegant.